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Who Are We?

We’re SweetSlap, your new automated dating & relationship advice guru!

  • Whether you're male or female, gay, straight, single, dating or married, simply fill out your 'SweetSlap Lifestyle Profile' and it will learn who you are and deliver powerful personalized experiences and gift ideas designed just for YOU!
  • Our writers, taste-makers and relationship experts find the coolest, most unique content, from date ideas, etiquette tips, key date reminders with awesome gift ideas, sex tips and more!
  • We remind you of key birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and upcoming events, and provide you with customized creative ideas and original gift ideas.
  • We don't just deliver ideas that match your lifestyle, we create content with style, adventure, ambiance, and an overall immersed experience, designed just for you!

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Who Are You?

Your life is comprised of the places you go and the people you spend time with. From your relationship status, age, gender, sexual preference, to budget and other personal preferences; YOU are unique!

Sweetslap recognizes this and is designed for you by you to learn from your preferences ensuring that every suggestion, idea, or reminder you receive relates to and improves your life and relationships’ making them more exciting and powerful!

Simply fill out your Personal Lifestyle Profile and we’ll do the rest! You’re relationships will never know that you’ve had any help…not that there’s anything wrong with it!
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SweetSlap is just getting started and is a premier relationship app designed to change your life for the better. Join us on the ground floor of this revolutionary new experience.

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