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Who Are We?

SweetSlap.com is your own digital Personal Relationship Adviser! Based on your unique Personal Relationship Profile we’ll feed you ideas and suggestions to help keep your relationships as fresh and stimulating as they were at the start. We’ll also deliver you innovative and creative ideas to make your dates, weekend, vacation, or every day more unique, exciting and meaningful! To keep you ahead of the curve, we’ll remind you of birthdays, anniversaries, and specials occasions – and give you out-of-the-box ideas and cool gift suggestions. If you’d like, we’ll discreetly slip you sex tips to “umf up” your intimate times. You choose what types of ideas you want – and how often you want them. We’ll take care of the rest.

Why SweetSlap? The founders are just like you. Honestly we needed it too. We all have the best of intentions when it comes to our relationships, but somewhere between work, dinner, and walking the dog we lose creativity and enthusiasm when conjuring impressive date night idea with your mate, or new flame. We made it for ourselves, and are sharing it with the world. Even the most electric minds needs a shot of inspiration – that’s where SweetSlap comes in to play! SweetSlap helps keep all your relationships (romantic and otherwise) active and flourishing. Essentially we make you look like you know what you’re doing. We’ll even let you take the credit for it! Think the digital Cyrano De Bergerac of the web and mobile apps. We know you want the best life and relationships – let SweetSlap help you achieve it, the easy way.


Who Are You?

We believe you are passionate – and want a life truly worth living. A life that reaches its full potential. This also goes for your relationships. Your life is comprised with places you go and the people you spend time with. Imagine never having to come up with something "different" to do. That’s where SweetSlap works for you. Sweetslap is designed for you to learn from your preferences ensuring that every suggestion, idea, or reminder you receive will show you ways to make a your life and your relationships’ more exciting and powerful.

At SweetSlap, it’s all about getting to know your lifestyle and relationship likes and wants. Simply fill out your Personal Lifestyle Profile and we’ll do the rest! You’re relationships will never know that you’ve had any help…not that there’s anything wrong with it :)

Getting Started is Easy!

It’s all based on you. Start by filling out your unique Personal Lifestyle Profile. You’ll immediately begin receiving tailored ideas from our lifestyle and relationship experts, trendsetters, and tastemakers. Our goal is to remove the guess work of “what to do,” keeping your days and nights fresh and stimulating. We designed SweetSlap because we needed it ourselves. It’s not a luxury to have your relationships stimulated – it’s a necessity.

Follow these easy steps:
  1. Realize you could use some help, we ALL do!
  2. Sign up with SweetSlap
  3. Receive Ideas
  4. Use Ideas
  5. Rate Ideas
  6. Share, Tell a Friend & Give feedback
Get SweetSlapped!

SweetSlap Experience

Receiving ideas is just the start. Through our innovative technology we’ll always be refining your profile, ensuring your select friends, family members, and romantic relationships are cared for on birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and any special dates you want us to remember. As well, SweetSlap is not just some generic company, it’s vital to who we are to make sure you receive the height of fresh and cool. Just wait to see what we have in store to bring you the best content from around the world!

SweetSlap is the Cyrano De Bergerac of the web and (soon to be) mobile apps. Based on your SweetSlap profile, we send you fresh date ideas “Sweet Date Night”; everyday tips and etiquette tips “Everyday SweetSlap” and sex tips “Less Sweet more Slap”. We’ll also be reminding you of important birthdays, anniversaries, major holidays and minor holidays with unique and cool things to do and creative gift ideas.

SweetSlap believes you deserve an easy and exciting way to enjoy your relationship the way they truly deserve. We’ll do all the work – you take the credit!